Turn Your Home Into a Museum with Canvas Prints

The popularity of portrait painting has been around for many years. While subjects can range from people to places; it's still a beauty to look at. Over time though, portrait art has taken a new form: canvas prints. These affordable and versatile pieces are filling homes, offices, and various buildings due to its visual aspect.

But what exactly are they, and how can they turn an ordinary room into a stunning place fit for art critics?

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

The Magic of Photos Onto Canvas

Using the latest in printing technology, plenty of companies are able to transfer your usual digital images onto canvas. These can be stretched, wrapped, coated, then displayed. Before, you would need to find a professional artist to paint a picture of your family, loved one, or yourself. Now, you can simply take a picture using your smartphone or camera, upload the image, go online, and have them printed onto the canvas size of your choice. Easy, quick, inexpensive. Plus, you can use these anywhere in your home. Canvas prints are also a joy to give and receive as gifts. For sentimental folks out there, this is one of the best ways to preserve a memory AND decorate your home.

Always Wanted a Wall To Remember?

Art museums have one thing in common: art! If you think that your family photos or 'selfies' are not museum-worthy; then why not hang them up in your own living room? Home galleries are all the rage these days. As long as the person has wall space, canvas prints, and a bit of imagination – he or she can create an exciting new venue.

Modern art galleries have all kinds of paintings and sculptures. If you are aiming for this look, just have a few pieces of different-sized canvas prints. They may feature yourself, your family, friends, or places you visited during travels. For more variety, why not include quotes, poetry, or song lyrics onto the canvas? If you're worried about ruining the look of the image, you may use wall decals or stick-ons instead.

Traditional museums on the other hand (like the Louvre in Paris), have framed pictures. These can be achieved by intentionally framing your canvas prints. Although they look fantastic as they are, frames actually protect them through the years. Whether it's glass or wood, the frames will absorb elements, like dust or sun rays, to prevent your precious prints from fading before their time. Plus, they will appear more stunning than usual.

Turn Your Living Room Into a Masterpiece

The best venue to put your prints in is the living room. This is usually the first place that guests will see; and a common venue for family get-togethers. You may however, use hallways or bedrooms, too. Try hanging them up in a straight line; or arranging them at random. Don't be afraid to experiment!

One important thing that your home gallery needs? Personality. From choosing canvas prints to actual decorating; make sure that it's a reflection of your own taste and style. After all, you would be the one who will be enjoying these masterpieces everyday.

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