Types of Materials Used for Canvas Printing

Artists often reprint their work to expand their audience and this is done through canvas printing. As a result, a museum-like quality print is produced, and it replicates the look of a real painting in many ways. There are two main types of canvas that is existent in the market- polyester and cotton. Each of them has its pros and cons. Therefore, artists should make sure that they have carefully studied each of the type before they agree to have their work be reproduced. The differences between these two types can have a long-term effect on the value of the print.

Choosing Your Own CanvasUSES
The quality of the print can be enhanced through canvas printing. Commonly, paper prints are often encountered, yet it is canvas print that can provide a painting-like look. Canvas prints can be numbered and signed just like with paper prints and they are considered works of art by so many collectors. In some cases, there are professional artists who emphasize different places with an oil paint. Such procedure creates the feel and look of an actual painting.

A canvas is classified into two: cotton and polyester and each have unique variations. The difference between these two types of materials is that a cotton canvas is made from cotton fibers, whereas a polyester canvas is made from plastic fiber strands. In addition, it has a texture of a cotton type but is not actually a canvas.

A polyester canvas is cheaper when it comes to price. For individuals who are concerned about their artworks, regardless whether fine art or photo, or if it is printed on a canvas, this one is the best way to go. There are also a lot of online companies that provide canvas works with the use of polyester canvas for their printing jobs which produces vibrant colors.

On the other hand, cotton canvas is more durable compared to a polyester canvas. In addition, it offers pictures that museum-like beauty and quality. And canvas prints can hold their value through time. Artists who reproduce their works on canvas are often interested with such type of canvas for the given reason.

A polyester canvas does not perform well in the long term than a cotton canvas. It does not absorb the ink well. The ink just sits on top of the canvas, instead of penetrating. This makes the work susceptible to cracking and stretching.  Some polyester canvas can run pretty thin. Some of them are actually thinner than print-quality paper.

For artists who make use of a cotton canvas, they should expect to spend more money since a cotton canvas has a higher price than a polyester one. In some cases, a single of it can cost as much as a polyester canvas roll.

When it comes to choosing the kind of canvas used, it is important that customers are aware of the differences of these two types of materials. There are companies that make use of a polyester canvas but do make their customers aware of it. These two materials may look the same; however their value is drastically different. Especially for artists who plan to preserve the value of their works for a lifetime, the following considerations should never be taken for granted.

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