Canvas Prints: 5 Tips to Guarantee Quality

People love art and the chance it gives them for a better self-expression. Art can be done in different ways but in this modern time, the latest innovation in art has taken the majority by storm. With the help of digital photography and the latest printing technologies, canvas printing has been the trend. Basically, this is the process of transforming a simple digital photo into an artwork, similar to those we see in art galleries. The only thing is that, canvas printing is easily done and this is way much affordable than the real paintings without compromising its quality. And with its vast benefits to offer people, the competition in the market has been tough in the recent years. Therefore, if you would like to purchase one it is necessary to make sure that it has the right quality. There are a lot of mass-produced artworks around, thus the following five steps would help you guarantee the quality of your canvas print to give your wall an exceptionally beautiful look.

Canvas Weight
The canvas that will be used in making your artwork should have a decent weight and this is very important. Since the temperature tends to change, if you buy your canvas that is crafted from a lighter, it is thinner and thus, it has a reduced firmness and may sag which can cause degradation in the overall appearance of the canvas. On the other hand, a canvas that is of high quality look fantastic and is not likely to wear out nor decline when it comes to quality.

Pop Art Canvas Art

Canvas Material
Always choose a print that is constructed on a canvas that is 100% cotton. This helps prevent discoloration while enhancing its all around appearance by giving it a better surface. This will also be useful when creating other artworks like painting since the surface would be more absorbent.

Frame Craftsmanship
When ordering a print, always take into consideration the kind of wood used as well as the structure of the frame which are both fundamental for durability. The frame should be supplied with hardwood wedges which are placed into the 4 corners inside the frame. This makes it possible for your print to be stretched. However, you should beware since there are firms that use frames which are solid timber. This kind of frame tightens the canvas through time, thus the canvas tends to sag or lose its shape.

Archival Ink
Make sure to choose a printing service that uses archival inks. Such kinds of inks are fade resistant with an estimated period of until 75 years. There are a lot of printing companies that sacrifice quality by using cheaper inks. Read the specifics to make sure of the inks being used. Great companies use archival inks.

This helps increase the quality and durability of your artwork. It protects the artwork from fading and shields the print from scratch marks and scuffs. The lacquer finish helps prevent cracking at the canvas edges (where it touches the frame) and will help you keep your canvas clean and fresh by wiping it using a soft and damp cloth.

When buying a canvas photo, the purpose is not just to have something to show off to the world. Especially when you use your personal photos for such, your canvas print should be taken care of and preserved as it keeps your most cherished memories.

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