3 Wrap Styles for Your Canvas Prints

Memories are to be preserved and cherished. This is basically one of the most obvious reasons why we take photos and keep them as long as we can. We make them as daily reminders of such great moments that we have spent with people in our lives. It really feels good that whenever we want to go back to that day, we have a record that we can always look into. However, it brings us sadness when we find out that those photos have faded. Good thing that in at this present time canvas printing have come into existence.

Your Kind of Canvas Prints
Canvas printing is a process that involved printing photos on a canvas and results to an extraordinary artwork. And this has been the best way for people to preserve and cherish their photos. At the same time, they get a constant reminder of such moments as they hang these artworks on their wall. Such artworks are dazzling wall arts that bring life to the room. In order to make sure that you get a breathtaking canvas print, you should be aware that there are different styles of canvas prints that you can choose from. Each one of them is distinct and unique, thus you can choose one that would best suit your preference. Before choosing the wrap style that you want, you have to consider where you want to display your canvas prints.

Gallery Wrap
This means that the image is folded around the edges to have a continuous and unbroken image across the canvas including the sides. The picture is stretched over on the canvas to fill it with energy and color. This is considered to be the most popular canvas wrap style and is usually the default option for many professional photographers and canvas printing companies. However, it is important to note that this wrap style is not suitable for photos that has significant details.

Mirror Wrap
This involves spanning the image across the whole canvas. But it is a bit different because of the fact that, instead of continuing the photo in the same direction, it mirrors the illustration to provide a sense of contrast. Thus, your image would be reflected on itself on all edges, sides, and corners to have a professional, dynamic, and three-dimensional design. If your photo has geometric shapes like squares or triangles, the mirror wrap would be more effective.

No Wrap
Simply because you don't have a mirror wrap or a gallery wrap does not necessarily mean that your photo need to suffer. No wrap can work brilliantly for all photo types because the image is solely displayed on the main projecting face of the canvas print. This offers a dramatic and full visual impact to the main part of the canvas. The image is presented face-on that allows a vivid and strong factor to spice up the feel and the mood of the room. The sides and edges are printed in any color, or mostly in white, depending on your choice. A no wrap canvas print looks astounding as it creates a vibrant balance of tone and color. Use a deep rich red on the edges for the vivacious and strong canvas print or you can have blue to have a calmer and more tranquil atmosphere.

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