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Photo on Canvas: The Best Subjects to Use

Painting is the type of art form that will never wither. In fact, due to its popularity, many people want to get a hold of paintings. However, not all people have the financial capacity to pay an artist to make a painting for them. Others just resort to the simple picture that is framed and hung on the wall. Well, that is just a thing of the past. Today, we know have what we call picture canvas prints. Think of it as a combination of a photo and a painting. It is a method in which a photo is taken to a photo-to-painting-canvas company so that it can be transformed into amazing corners filled with color and lasting memories. It is the new trend that has been growing since it was first introduced.

Photo on canvas

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It's hard not to like this kind of product. You can actually have a painting of your choosing based on the photo that you give. The best part about it is, you have unlimited choices of your photo. It can be anything you like that's put on the canvas. It's no surprise that a lot of people are starting to embrace this kind of art. Since you have the choice of what subject you want, a lot of arguments and misconceptions can be eliminated. Choosing the subject for your picture canvas is the most important step.

There are a lot of subjects that you can use in your photo canvas print.

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Creative Canvas Print Wall Projects

Picture Canvas prints are one of the most addicting things to include in DIY home projects. Not only do they make great gifts for every occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings), they also make simple photos appear like works of art. Just pick a favorite style (pop art, collage, or vintage) from a trusted photo printing company and plain walls can be transformed into amazing corners filled with color and lasting memories. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Canvas Print Wall Clock

There’s nothing better than watching the hours fly by along with stunning pictures of friends and/or family members. This unique project will compliment any bare wall; a great centerpiece for the living room or kitchen – plus, it will keep everyone on time!

To start, have the chosen photos printed on different-sized canvases. Create a circle as a guide on the wall to help align the images. A short quote or text could be added using paint and stencils or wall decals. For the clock parts, these can be ordered online or found at any craft or hobby stores. They can be painted to a desired shade before attaching onto the center of the clock face. The last step is hanging the canvas prints. Adjust the positions and enjoy the wall clock mural!

Canvas Print Wall Clock

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The Key Aspects When Choosing Canvas Rolls

Canvas rolls have a significant part in canvas designing. Experts are convinced that canvas stretcher bars, stretched canvas frames, and canvas rolls are the important triangle corners to a great canvas art. Thus, choosing the right canvas rolls has become necessary. Acquiring the right one will not only bring great delight to the quality of the canvas art but would also create a professional artist brand for the art lovers. At present, there have been so many canvas rolls available in the market, but choosing them according to the needed considerations is integral. Below are some of the most important things to consider.

Canvas Arts In Your Wall
This is one of the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration as it is often neglected by many people. The material where the canvas roll is made from plays a big part. Make sure that you choose a canvas material that will add a different grace to your canvas art. Before you purchase a canvas roll, you would surely want to do some serious thinking regarding the kind of canvas that you would like to be used. Bear in mind that there are various kinds of canvas which are made from materials such as linen and unprimed cotton. And it is not only because there are different materials to choose from, but different weaves as well. You also need to be familiar with the different kinds of canvas styles so that you would know what kind of look each of them has. Moreover, remember that the kind of canvas you choose should be able to complement the work that you will present.

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Photo Painting: Preserve Memories the Most Trendy Way

Preserving Memories In A CanvasThe development in the photography industry has changed how people see the painting tradition, thus the arrival of photo paintings. In the past few years, royalties such as the kings and queens, dukes and other officials hired an artist to paint them in a portrait. However, artists’ fee is expensive, and they are the only ones who can afford it, not the ordinary people. On the other hand, in the European old traditions, the royal couples send their portrait paintings to each other before the day they tie the knot. Then as time went by, more and more have seen the usefulness of photography. As a result, it became rampant and overpowered the traditional painting.

However, in this present day, we may notice that print of an ordinary picture which was produced by photography, whether traditional or digital are prone to fading. This means that the prints would soon be destroyed and diminishes, with the involvement of moisture and heat. And because of this, artists started to adapt to the process of photo to painting in order to preserve the beauty of their treasured photographs and to produce a decorative and unique artwork that serve various purposes in this modern time. In most cases, photo to painting that uses oil looks realistic and very elegant. This can be compared to the traditional painting of famous personalities that are found in national museums and galleries. Canvas photo, when it comes to quality is exceptional. Just like with the traditional paintings, this artwork can remain the same through the test of time. This is made from quality materials and the process involves the use of the most advanced technologies, thus, one can rest assured that this artwork would be a lifetime investment. It is spared from fading and tearing apart. And its large format would suit the different walls in different places.

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Photos on Canvas Collage Styles: A Collection of Memories

Photo Collage CanvasPhotographs are definitely one of the best inventions of the modern era. Cameras that take them capture moments of great significance, may it be to a nation and its people, or to a century-old woman who managed to dig up her old wedding picture. The thing is, the pictures and photographs give people  a look of what had happened in the time gone by. Each image plays a significant role in making people feel that emotion of longing and nostalgia. Today however, with digitalization of the world, we are no longer looking pictures the same way and some even consider them to be a waste of space. A lot of people now prefer digital images, electronic copies of pictures that are encoded on a memory chip. These however, are nothing compared to photographs and the things they provide. The joy of seeing an old picture of yourself on a piece of paper is nothing compared to seeing it on an LCD screen. However, if there was a way to create a collage of your old memories and paste them on a canvas, would you take it? Printing a collage on a canvas is rather comparable to Portrait painting – as both require masterful details. Here are some of the best Canvas Collage styles and their specifications.

Photo Fit Style. This collage style is best for photos that depict images of both the tranquility and turbulence of nature, its gorgeous landscapes and the monuments made by the capabilities of mankind. For example, when facing such a beautiful and mind-blowing scenery in front  of us, we often rummage our backpacks and pockets and in order to look for either our cameras or smart phones. The Photo Fit style with a canvas allows you to place several pictures on one platform, however, the photos plastered are of different sizes, which allow you to emphasize a pic that you like.

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Comic Pop Art: The Popularity Then and Now

Comic Style Pop Arts

Since the time that the pop culture has found a long-term representation within the pop art movement, the group obtained a method that is long-lasting in the form of canvas prints and pop art prints. The recognition of such type of art quickly escalated, as a result of the similar ongoing popularity of the comic culture. And this is extremely popular at present across countries. Comic art has infinite genres that cater to the distinct tastes of the comic book lovers. Comic pop art is something that modern people love to have as this reminds them of something that they actually have even in the past. Only that in this present time, the quality is made better with the advent of the new technology, making the comic pop art an art that is worth to be treasured.

Either year end or year out, the figures in comic books are highly recognized and honored worldwide. A lot of us even make them as part of our existence. We love different superhero figures that until now, we still adore like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, X-men, and many more. And at present, the popular Japanese Manga is also a popular comic pop art and is very-well patronized by both the young and the older generation. But the best thing of it all is that, we can now transform our own photos into a comic pop art. This would define a distinct piece of art that one can always collect and display.

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Canvas Collage: Combining the Pieces to Create an Artwork

Photo Canvas CollageCollage canvas has been popular for so many years until this present time. As one art form, it has been combined with the advancements in the new technology to provide an excellent result. A collage canvas gives chances for every photo to be printed on a canvas that would surely last for a lifetime. There would be no reason for one photo to be left out. Having a wider and bigger space, every photo deserves a better look. In the past, paintings were done with hands alone. But in this modern time, collage artists used clippings of newspapers or magazines and other print sources to create the collage effect.

A lot of hobbyists try to duplicate the effect of a collage that is made professionally. There are various frames that are used to have a collage type of appearance, though. However, this may not achieve the desired look that you expect from a collage. The good thing is that the internet provides the capacity to upload photos onlineThis has made it easier for people to get a professional looking artwork. Collage canvas is the best option that many people resort to nowadays. With its quality and durability, every photo when printed on a canvas would be a promise of a lifetime investment.

You can use your own photo and create a collage of up to 80 images. The number of photos that you would like to use would depend on the size of the canvas that you would like to have. The good thing is that, you can use any of your photos, even the old ones. Make a story out of them or you can see a transition in the photos from your collage. Some people make a collage of the photos they have taken during a special celebration like weddings or birthdays. Pictures of children are also good to look at. You can showcase their growth or the highlights of their childhood. Canvases come in different sizes, thus, you can always choose how big you would like to have for your place or for someone.

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Canvas Photo made Possible with Digital Printing

Canvas Arts Enhance Through Digital PrintingThe reason why canvas printing has gained an increasing popularity in the past years is because of the high standards of its photo prints which are made possible with the help of digital printing on canvas. With the advent of digital printing, a new trend in creating an art form has come into existence. With such, people get the opportunity to create exceptionally beautiful canvas photos that guarantees to last a lifetime, thus memories are well-cherished. The process involved in transforming simple photos into masterpieces is basically simple. It creates an eye-catching quality and produces an image that is larger compared to the traditional prints. One best thing about digital canvas prints is that it can be stored for a lifetime without compromising the quality.

Most often than not, traditional canvas oil paintings are expensive and needs high maintenance. On the other hand, canvases which are digitally printed are capable of restoring the feel of an original painting while giving the pictures a higher definition at a minimal cost. This printing technique makes it possible for the prints to be created with the use of the original canvas, instead of photo papers. As a result, the natural feel and look of a fine masterpiece is achieved.

To ensure the quality of the artwork, the ink used in developing the canvas photo has the highest quality and comes in various colors, and more importantly, it is scratch and water resistant. This is helpful in preventing the canvas from damages. The prints can be produced in multiples and varied forms and sizes such as portrait or landscape, without putting the quality of the photo into compromise. The images are easily accomplished with a sharp and crisp quality. In addition, the printed images can be enhanced by adding different colors, special effects, and background according to one’s own preference.

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